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Tesla Cybertruck testing expands to public roads in Texas

Credit: @ogre_codes on Twitter

Tesla Cybertruck testing has expanded to public roads in Texas for what appears to be the first sighting of the all-electric pickup on streets outside of California.

Since the Cybertruck has neared production, Tesla has been testing the vehicle on public roads since earlier this year. All of the sightings thus far have been in California, especially in the Northern portion of the State where the company’s operations are located.

Tesla used to have its Headquarters in Palo Alto, which is where the earliest sightings were located.

With the all-electric Cybertruck being produced in early versions at Gigafactory Texas near Austin, it has been interesting to note that there have not been any sightings of the pickup in the Lone Star State.

At least, until now. A video courteous of Dennis B. on Twitter shows the Cybertruck on public roads in Texas for the first time.

Tesla has routinely started testing vehicles that are heading toward imminent production on public roads, and the Cybertruck project has been no different. Although the vehicle is late to initial production, Tesla seems to be gearing up for the first units to be built potentially this Summer and delivered in Q3.

While all of the testing up to this point has been in California, this is the first sighting of the vehicle in Texas that was not for a dedicated event. Last week, Tesla launched its Lithium Refinery with a groundbreaking event, and CEO Elon Musk arrived in a Cybertruck, and its appearance was eventful, to say the least.

However, testing has now expanded closer to where the vehicle will actually be built. What does this mean, exactly? The details are more speculative than anything and Tesla remains relatively tight-lipped in terms of the development and production schedule of the vehicle.

We do know that Cybertruck production lines are up and running inside Gigafactory Texas based on photographs the automaker shared during its most recent Earnings Call.

Tesla Cybertruck Pilot production line is up and running at Giga Texas

We also know that, based on the number of different units we’ve seen thus far, there are quite a few prototypes floating about.

Which design will make it to production still seems to be up in the air, but the cleanest versions, one of which was spotted at Investor Day, is most likely the ideal candidate.

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Tesla Cybertruck testing expands to public roads in Texas
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