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Tesla (TSLA) Q3 results pave way for upside in December: Gene Munster

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Longtime Tesla bull Gene Munster of Deepwater Asset Management has weighed in on Tesla’s Q3 2023 vehicle delivery and production report. In a video posted on X, Munster explained that Tesla’s results were quite in line with expectations, especially considering the launch of the new Model 3 and the minor updates to the Model Y. 

In his video, Munster noted that Tesla’s third-quarter likely sets up the company for a strong fourth quarter. He also noted that Tesla would have to deliver about 476,000 vehicles in Q4 to ensure that its self-imposed goal of hitting 1.8 million vehicles in 2024 is accomplished. 

“If you assume that they can hit that 1.8 million delivery target for the December quarter, that would imply that they deliver about 476,000 vehicles. That would be up about 18% year-over-year. So not that big of a stretch given this business should be growing in the 30% plus range, but I think that is achievable. 

“I think it’s achievable because now we’re starting to ramp the production of (Model 3) Highland. You also have some modest benefit from Cybertruck sales too. I’m not expecting a lot, but it should bode well for the December quarter. And more importantly, and equally as important is as we start to think about going to 2024, all those tailwinds should continue to benefit the company,” Munster said. 

Munster is not alone in citing the Cybertruck as a potential factor in Tesla’s fourth-quarter results. In a research note on Monday, CFRA noted Tesla has a lot of tailwinds in the future. 

“With Tesla likely to emerge as the biggest winner from the UAW strike, Austin and Berlin [factories] continuing to ramp up, first deliveries of Cybertruck expected by year-end, a forthcoming factory in Mexico, and a lower-price coupe that we believe will be introduced in 2024, we think Tesla still has plenty of tailwinds,” the firm noted. 

Fellow Tesla bull Gary Black, managing partner of The Future Fund, told Automotive News that Tesla’s rather muted third-quarter results will likely pay off in the coming quarters. Similar to Munster, Black is optimistic about the Cybertruck. 

“It’s a supply issue. It’s not a demand issue. I take the view that when you have two new models — and one is in an entire new category with the pickup truck — I think you’re going to get a halo effect on the whole franchise,” Black noted. He also stated that he sees Tesla likely reaching a production of 2.7 million vehicles per year in 2024. 

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Tesla (TSLA) Q3 results pave way for upside in December: Gene Munster
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