Tesla opens V4 Supercharger in U.K., the first with contactless payment

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Tesla has opened the first V4 Supercharger stall in the United Kingdom at the Tesla Centre in Tottenham, and it is also the first in the world with contactless payment.

The V4 Supercharger was unveiled and featured a ribbon-cutting ceremony today by Transport Minister Jessee Norman, according to a report from DrivingElectric.

The V4 Supercharger was first launched in Europe in Harderwijk, the Netherlands, in March. The major changes were appearance, cable length, and maximum charging speed.

Tesla V4 Supercharger details: Charging Speed and Cable Length

Tesla’s new Supercharger design features a maxed-out charging speed of 350 kW, but there is expected to be even faster speeds once the automaker rolls out 800-volt architectures across its vehicle lineup.

Additionally, the V4 Supercharger in this location features a new touchless payment option. In the past, Tesla Superchargers have communicated with the vehicle, which has a payment method set as a default, which automatically charges the vehicle owner for the power they use.

This one is different. There is a QR code that will take them to the Tesla App, or they can tap their card on the contactless payment reader to pay for their charging session.

The method is shown by Electric Felix below:

Tesla’s V4 Superchargers are making their way across Europe and are enabling EVs from other manufacturers to charge. Tesla first rolled out a Pilot Program in Europe to test the opening of Superchargers to other automakers, and it eventually culminated in the automaker’s choice to allow OEMs to adopt the NACS connector in the United States earlier this year.

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Tesla opens V4 Supercharger in U.K., the first with contactless payment
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