Uber launches autonomous food delivery in CA and TX through Nuro partnership

Credit: Nuro

Uber has announced today that they will partner with Nuro, an autonomous driving company, to roll out autonomous food deliveries in California and Texas.

Uber has found incredible success with its Uber Eats brand. They are looking to continue to be a pioneer in the space by introducing autonomous food deliveries in Mountain View, California, and Houston, Texas, this fall. The 10-year partnership with Nuro will also aid the autonomous driving company in gaining access to more areas in the US.

Nuro is currently one of a select few companies permitted fully autonomous driving in multiple states (California, Texas, and Arizona). Their most recent partnership with Uber Eats is one of many. The company has already partnered with FedEx, 7-Eleven, Kroger, Chipotle, Dominos, and even Walmart, which has attempted to expand its lineup of EVs for grocery delivery.

In commenting on yet another successful partnership with such a recognizable brand, Cosimo Leipold, Head of Partnerships at Nuro, says, “Our partnership with Uber underscores Nuro’s track record of partnering with the world’s leading brands to make autonomous delivery a seamless experience.”

Credit: Nuro

Autonomous driving may not be new for some sections of the country, yet another extensive partnership will mean this brand is moving ever closer to mainstream success.

Despite consumer excitement about this futuristic technology, many have raised concerns about safety and employment. Legislators have been slow to allow fully autonomous vehicles to operate within their states, mainly because none would want to face the backlash that would likely come if the allowance resulted in any human injury.

At the same time, drivers currently make up a considerable contingent of many local job economies, and for some, this new technology means the end of livelihoods for thousands. It remains unclear how legislators will react as the technology spreads and consumers look to access the latest and greatest technology.

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