Upgraded Tesla Model 3 Performance with Ludicrous badge spotted in its full glory

Credit: @dessiewisley/X

A recently shared video from Valencia, Spain has provided a clear look into the upgraded Tesla Model 3 Performance. The uncovered vehicle features many of the upgrades that have been leaked for the new Model 3 Performance, such as an updated front splitter and bucket racing seats.

The video was provided by Tesla fan Desmond Wisley, who was fortunate enough to come across the upgraded Model 3 Performance in Valencia, Spain, while the vehicles were reportedly being filmed. Wisley spotted two vehicles, one painted red and another painted black. Unlike the new Model 3 Performance prototypes that have been sighted in the United States, the two vehicles in Valencia were fully uncovered. 

Thanks to their lack of camouflage, one could clearly see some of the upgraded Tesla Model 3 Performance’s more unique components. These include the vehicle’s aggressive front splitter, aero wheels, and bucket racing seats. A large rear diffuser that’s separated into three sections, spoiler, lowered suspension, red brake calipers, and Ludicrous badge at the rear, were also evident.

The excitement surrounding the upgraded Model 3 Performance is notable, especially since the variant has been unavailable in Tesla’s configurator for the past months. In countries that are supplied by Giga Shanghai, the Model 3 Performance has been unavailable since last year, and in North America, the vehicle has been off the Model 3’s order pages since January. 

Despite this, the excitement surrounding the upgraded Model 3 Performance never really wavered, partly due to the fact that it is a well-loved vehicle, thanks to its driving dynamics, speed, and overall fun factor. Tesla Australia chief engineer and Model 3 program veteran Daniel Ho also noted previously that the upgraded Model 3 Performance will be pretty special since Tesla left a few things off the table when it released the car’s original iteration. 

While the release date of the upgraded Model 3 Performance has not been shared by Tesla, reports from China have suggested that the top-tier Model 3 variant would likely go on sale in the country sometime in the second quarter. With the Fremont Factory now producing the upgraded Model 3 as well, it would be no surprise if the vehicle also gets released in North America sometime in Q2 2024. 

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