New Tesla Model 3 Performance Highland stuns with white bucket seats

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A recent sighting of a partially camouflaged upgraded Tesla Model 3 Performance has confirmed that the upcoming all-electric sedan would indeed be equipped with dedicated “Sport” seats that are designed for high-intensity driving. Just like Tesla’s other seats, the Model 3 Performance’s “Sport” seats look stunning in white. 

The upgraded Model 3 Performance seats were spotted during a recent sighting of the all-electric sedan. Unlike other new Model 3 Performance prototypes that have been spotted on public roads over the past months, the car in question, which was an engineering vehicle reportedly spotted in Santa Monica, only had light tint on its windows. This meant that one could easily see into the car’s cabin. 

Immediately noticeable from the images of the vehicle was the fact that its two front seats were very different from the seats that are equipped in the Model 3 today. Similar to renders of Tesla’s “Sport” seats that were shared by @greentheonly last October, the seats in the recently sighted Model 3 Performance engineering vehicle looked like dedicated bucket racing seats. 

Granted, the seats in the engineering vehicle were not perfect as they looked creased in some areas, but they are very interesting. They hint, if any, that Tesla is really putting quite a lot of effort into ensuring that the new Model 3 Performance would be a capable high-performance car that would not throw its driver around during high-intensity driving sessions around a track. 

With Tesla equipping “Sport” seats for the upcoming Model 3 Performance, it seems safe to assume that similar seats would also be rolled out to Tesla’s other high-performance vehicles. It would then not be surprising if cars like the Model S Plaid, Model X Plaid, and Model Y Performance will also be equipped with similar “Sport” seats in the future. 

Highland Performance Spotted in Santa Monica, CA
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There is quite a lot of excitement surrounding the upcoming release of the upgraded Tesla Model 3 Performance. The vehicle has been absent from the Model 3 lineup since the Project Highland upgrade to the vehicle was rolled out, but all signs are pointing to the idea that the new Model 3 Performance will be well worth the wait. 

As per Tesla Australia chief engineer and Model 3 program veteran Daniel Ho, Tesla actually “left a few things on the table” when it released the previous generation Model 3 Performance partly due to the fact that the EV maker was in the middle of production hell at the time. This time around, Tesla seems to be putting in some extra effort to ensure that the Model 3 Performance truly lives up to its potential. 

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New Tesla Model 3 Performance Highland stuns with white bucket seats
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