Volkswagen’s Scout Motor CEO teases details on upcoming electric vehicles 

(Credit: Scout Motors)

Volkswagen’s Scout Motor CEO recently teased some details about the revived company’s upcoming electric vehicles (EVs).

Scout Motor is expected to help Volkswagen break into the United States electric pickup truck market, but it doesn’t want to stop there. The company is also developing an all-electric SUV. 

Last week, the company broke ground on its $2 billion South Carolina assembly plant. Scout Motor CEO Scott Keogh talked to journalists about the company’s plans during the event. According to Keogh, Scout Motors aims to unveil its all-electric pickup truck and SUV at the same time later this year. He added that the design for each vehicle was close to being finalized. 

Keogh also shared that Scout’s chief production officer, Jan Spies, did not want to make any more adjustments after the two electric vehicles were unveiled. So, the unveilings will likely show 100% of the Scout Motor pickup truck and SUV that will enter into production by late 2026. 

“It’s gonna be a car with character. It’s gonna be a car with personality. It’s gonna be a car that’s not an optimized jelly bean,” Keogh said without specifying which EV he was talking about. 

Last March, Scout Motors estimated that its SUV would be $40,000. Scout Motors mentioned plans for a $50,000 electric SUV during the event. Based on comments during the event, the electric SUV’s design might pay homage to old classics like the Scout II, at least in spirit.

“While we are honoring the hard-working heritage and the soul of Scout, we are ready for the future when it comes to production and technology,” commented Christian Vollmer, a member of Volkswagen’s extended executive committee.

Volkswagen is familiar with reviving old classics with a modern twist. For instance, the ID. Buzz was inspired by the VW minibus, a design popular in the 50s and 60s. Volkswagen’s experience will probably be helpful to Scout Motors as it tries to find its footing in the United States’ current auto market. 

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