Tesla’s massive Supercharger station in Shanghai will be the largest in the world

Tesla is in the midst of building a massive “world’s largest” Supercharger station in Shanghai that is expected to house somewhere between 40 to 60 Supercharger stalls when complete. Video of the new station that’s reportedly located at the Lilacs International Commercial Centre off of Dingxiang Road in Shanghai first surfaced on Reddit, with commenters dubbing the high density Supercharger location as a “superstation.”

This upcoming charging station solidifies Tesla’s pledge to bring 1,000 Superchargers to China by year’s end.

A Tesla spokesperson has confirmed with Teslarati that the Supercharger location is under construction and details including the number of stalls and charging output will be released when the site opens for charging.

The video posted by JayinShanghai shows an extensive garage where roughly 50 Supercharger stalls are being worked on for the Shanghai public. Currently, the largest Tesla Supercharger station is in Nebbenes, Norway, a rural town 40 miles outside Oslo and home to some 20 stalls. The configuration also matches several other 20-stall stations being installed across much of California and the US.

50 Stall Supercharger Station in Shanghai, China 😍😍 still under construction. from teslamotors

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