BMW’s Carbon Fiber to Push Model X Over 300 Miles?

Tesla Model XRecent rumors of talks between Munich, Germany-based BMW and Tesla Motors heating up were confirmed on Sunday by Elon Musk in the German weekly magazine, Der Speigel, where it’s reported that Musk described BMW’s carbon fiber reinforced car body parts as “interesting” and “relatively cost efficient.”

Does “interesting” translate to Tesla Motors and its Model X’s falcon wing doors at this point? Reuters reports that they started talks originally in June of this year about charging stations and other areas of mutual interest.

If you read the recent account about the Gigafactory deal, “Inside Elon Musk’s 1.4 Billion Score,” then you know talks could be farther down the road regarding carbon fiber supplies being used immediately for the Model X.

So how do you keep a lid on Model X carbon fiber expectations? Deflect?

Musk says to Der Spiegel,”We (BMW & TM) are talking about whether we can collaborate in battery technology or charging stations.

Stay with me, just imagine if Musk pulls off a carbon fiber supply deal with BMW very soon and the automaker rolls out the Model X at around 300 miles on a charge in 2015! I guess that would reinforce the idea of a much better production vehicle than the original show car, eh?

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