Design Mystery Solved for the Tesla Model X

A letter to Tesla Model X reservation holders on June 16 solves the persistent design mystery for the 3rd Tesla vehicle and it now looks like the design is locked down.

The design mystery? Third-row seats.

Doesn’t sound like much of an issue for Elon Musk but he mentioned it at an early June shareholders’ meeting and revealed that the positioning or “framing” of the 2nd row seats was a definite issue.

Model X

The framing of the 2nd row in the Tesla Model X prohibits a clean entry to these seats as seen above.

MUSK: “So in the case of Model X that’s just taken a bit longer than we would have liked in particularly getting the falcon-wing door right is extremely difficult and then things that you maybe wouldn’t expect also very difficult like the second row seats are quite a challenge because what we’re aiming for with the Model X is that when you open the falcon-wing door you have the second row seats were essentially framed and we want that to feel like a work of art like if you open up the door it should give us amazing experience.”

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