Reports of an electric vehicle sales slowdown may be exaggerated

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A look at reports in the past months would show that a narrative around electric vehicle sales has formed. Considering the trends in the sales of vehicles like the Ford F-150 Lightning and startups like Lucid Motors, skeptics have claimed that electric cars are seeing a demand problem. A recent report from BloombergNEF, however, shows that this might not be the case at all. 

In its 2023 zero-emission vehicle factbook, BloombergNEF noted that there is no sign of an EV slowdown at all — at least if one were to look at actual sales data. What really is happening is that the auto world seems to be winnowing down which carmakers are producing competitive and compelling electric vehicles. 

As noted by the publication, passenger electric vehicle sales seem to be on track to hit 14 million this year. That’s an increase of 36% from 2022. Even in the United States, where the “demand problem” narrative for electric cars is quite notable, the increase in EV sales is substantial at about 50%. Granted, sales might be short of what some manufacturers expected, but they are still in line with BloombergNEF’s forecast from the start of 2023. 

It should also be noted that best-selling electric vehicles like the Tesla Model Y crossover continue to sell very well in the United States. And in China, Tesla is not the only EV maker that’s covering the most ground. Amidst the country’s EV-friendly environment, electric car powerhouses such as BYD and Li Auto have emerged. In a report, Bloomberg News noted that pure electric car makers like Tesla stand to hold 7% of the global vehicle market this 2023. In 2020, this figure was at 1%. 

Also interesting is the fact that electric cars are also growing in countries like India, Thailand, and Indonesia. In Thailand alone, electric vehicles have captured 9% of the cars sold in the country. These results suggest that contrary to the anti-EV narrative, electric cars are actually not a phenomenon that’s only found in wealthy countries. And with affordable EVs now being produced by companies like BYD, and with electric car giant Tesla also pursuing an affordable EV, the adoption of electric cars will likely accelerate even more in the coming years. 

BloombergNEF‘s 2023 zero-emission vehicles factbook can be viewed below.

2023 COP28 ZEV Factbook by Simon Alvarez on Scribd

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Reports of an electric vehicle sales slowdown may be exaggerated
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