Tesla’s Elon Musk tests the waters for a potential Gigafactory in Texas

Tesla Cybertruck and Tesla Semi with Elon Musk for Jay Leno's Garage (Source: teslacybertruck | Instagram)

Elon Musk is pondering on building a Gigafactory in Texas and the CEO wants to find out what the electric car community on Twitter thinks of the possible next big move for the electric carmaker. Musk started a poll late Tuesday night and gave the Twitterverse two options: “Hell yeah” and “Nope.” As of writing, the poll has garnered almost 231,000 votes with around 80% of respondents being in favor of building the new Gigafactory in the Lone Star state.

Giga Texas would be Tesla’s fifth Gigafactory, and while many believe the nomenclature is perfect for the state where everything is bigger, many are wondering why Musk would consider building a factory in a state where the direct sale of its vehicles is not allowed. A bill was even pushed once to prohibit the electric car manufacturer from servicing its vehicles in the state.

Tesla has Giga Nevada and Giga New York in the United States. The former is focused on producing batteries for the car manufacturer while the latter produces the Solarglass Roof Tiles and Powerwall. There’s also Giga Shanghai in China that already produces the Model 3 for the biggest automotive market in the world. The Silicon Valley-based carmaker is also hoping to lay the first brick by mid-March of its planned EV factory in Europe, Giga Berlin.

During the Q4 2019 earnings call, Musk explained that Tesla needs to make sure it has the batteries to make cars that are already on its lineup. “We got to scale battery production to crazy levels that people cannot even fathom today. That’s the real problem,” the chief executive of Tesla said.

Giga Texas might be the solution to this problem. It can also be the perfect place to ramp the production of the Cybertruck, whose Tri-Motor version is set to hit production by 2021. With Giga Texas, the Fremont factory will not have to handle additional pressure as it already produces the Model S, Model X, Model 3, and the much-awaited Model Y crossover. Ultimately, penetrating Texas is setting foot in the heart of the country’s biggest oil producers and refineries, and that’s quite a statement for Tesla.

It should be noted that Texas has a lively tech scene, particularly in Austin. Tech talents from Silicon Valley have been flocking to this region. The blossoming tech scene in the metro is blossoming enough that people call Austin as “Silicon Hills.”

Earlier this week, Elon Musk announced via Twitter that he will be hosting an AI hackathon party at his house. This time-boxed event is most likely to further accelerate the development of Tesla’s Full Self-Driving capabilities and improvements to its Autopilot feature. It is also a perfect setup to fish for new talents that will join Tesla’s workforce. Interestingly enough, Musk mentioned in his hackathon announcement that the electric car maker was looking for chip designers who can join the team in Palo Alto and Austin.

Even without waiting for the Giga Texas poll to end, the Twitterverse and Elon Musk’s 31 million followers may have already an obvious decision. For sure, everyone is eager to hear additional details about the new Gigafactory Musk is planning to build, as well as the role Giga Texas will play Tesla’s efforts to transition the transportation towards sustainability.

Tesla’s Elon Musk tests the waters for a potential Gigafactory in Texas
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