Elon Musk reveals Tesla Cybertruck weight on Joe Rogan’s podcast

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk made another appearance on Joe Rogan’s podcast on Tuesday, highlighting some key details about the forthcoming Cybertruck. Namely, the two talked about the Cybertruck’s weight, a detail that has been a front-and-center interest for many ahead of its deliveries next month.

During his appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience on Tuesday, Musk said the Cybertruck weighed between 6,000 and 7,000 pounds, depending on the configuration selected.

“Depends on configuration, but it’s about 7,000 pounds,” Musk said, responding to Rogan on how much the Cybertruck weighed. “There’s different versions, but [6,000 or] 7,000 pounds.”

“It’s a heavy truck,” Musk added, agreeing with Rogan that it’s comparable to a Ford F-250.

In addition to discussing the Cybertruck’s weight, Rogan and Musk also discussed its acceleration time and the electric vehicle’s powerful stainless steel exterior.

The two also went on to talk about whether or not the Cybertruck could handle a bow and arrow, which Rogan shared the answer to on his Instagram this morning in a preview of Musk’s podcast appearance. The YouTube version of the podcast also shows footage from the bow and arrow test that was not posted to Rogan’s Instagram this morning.

It’s not particularly hard to guess how the arrow test turns out, especially after Tesla tested the Cybertruck’s exterior with a Tommy Gun earlier this month, only to find it didn’t penetrate the stainless steel panels. Musk also stated that there were other demonstrations Tesla performed with the Cybertruck’s exterior, including some shooting it with a shotgun, a 0.45 and a 9mm.

You can watch the full clip on the Joe Rogan Experience below, complete with the discussion about the Cybertruck’s weight.

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Elon Musk reveals Tesla Cybertruck weight on Joe Rogan’s podcast
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