GM has a new plan to overtake Tesla, and it starts with an electric van


General Motors has a plan to take Tesla’s label as the leader of the EV industry away, and it involves taking on a market that the electric car maker is yet to tackle.

GM is planning to develop an electric delivery van that would be used by entities like UPS, Amazon, or even the United States Postal Service, Reuters was told by people familiar with the matter.

The plan could end up putting GM into the commercial electric vehicle conversation. However, the project, when combined with Ford, Rivian, and other EV makers, is a potentially multi-billion-dollar idea that could help the companies build and deliver a substantial amount of electric cars.

It could also help the companies tackle Tesla by targeting a segment that the Elon Musk-led company is yet to address. That being said, it should be noted that consumer vehicles are much more popular than delivery vans, so there’s not much of a threat for Tesla to be derailed by EVs that are designed to carry packages.

GM’s plan for a van has not been reported previously. The company, along with Ford, was reportedly advised to keep any plans under wraps. Trucks and commercial vehicles are among the two Detroit-based companies’ most profitable vehicles, and suggestions from suppliers recommended that things remain quiet regarding the development of electric vans.

They “don’t want to leave the door open for Tesla,” which is something the companies both did with consumer passenger vehicles.

The GM van is currently recognized under a pseudonym – the BV1. It is set to start production in late 2021 at the automaker’s Detroit-Hamtramck plant, according to sources, and it will share several components that with GM’s electric pickups and SUVs. One of these is the Ultium battery system.

UPS Senior Director of Fleet Maintenance and Engineering Scott Phillippi said that the company believes battery-powered vans have the potential to disrupt the commercial market. “It’s going to be similar to what the Model 3 has done for the consumer market,” he said.

Even though GM is planning a strong push to develop battery-electric cars within the next few years, there is little evidence that their technology will outperform Tesla’s. GM claims that it is close to a million-mile battery, something that has been a major focal point of Tesla’s battery tech developers for years. But for now, the veteran automaker is yet to prove its EV capabilities in the market.

GM has a new plan to overtake Tesla, and it starts with an electric van
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