Autonomous robot chef moves into the kitchen, powered by AI

Miso Robotics - "Flippy" at work

During the span of the hustle and bustle that many people encounter on a day-to-day basis in their lives, people tend to have activities outside of work that allow them to alleviate the stress from the monotony of life. From catching the new movie at the cinema, attending a sporting event of a favorite team, or a simple night out for dinner are all activities that many people use to remove themselves from the stressors of everyday life.

On top of that, food can be prepared incorrectly due to human error, and there is always the risk of contamination from foodborne illnesses or from employees who are feeling under the weather. This scenario can cause a trip to dinner to be extended due to longer wait times for the correct order or can halt the performance of everyday tasks as food that is prepared incorrectly could cause some to get sick.

However, Miso Robotics has developed “Flippy,” an autonomous robotic kitchen assistant who can grill the perfect steak, fry the perfect onion rings, and work with kitchen staff cohesively, making for a perfect employee.

Flippy is ideal for Quick Service Restaurants or QSRs, and has proven to save businesses money by only costing around 1% of the company’s total expenditures while increasing profits by 14%.

Without Flippy, profit has fallen 5%. This is likely due to the increased cost of labor and skyrocketing rent prices.

Miso’s proven success with the autonomous Flippy has saved businesses money, increasing their profits, increasing customer satisfaction, and increasing a customer loyalty base through a perfect order every time.

Flippy is always improving through Cloud-based monitoring and learning. It is OSHA compliant and can be used for 100,000 hours of continuous uptime in any commercial kitchen. It also has a proven track record in some high-traffic locations.

Miso developed Flippy in 2016 and then entered its first restaurant in 2017. CaliBurger introduced Flippy in two locations in 2017, adding another location in 2019. Caliburger also plans to use Flippy in 30 more locations by mid-2021.

Additionally, Major League Baseball teams the Los Angeles Dodgers and Arizona Diamondbacks have both integrated Flippy into their teams of the concession stand workers to provide fans with hot and correctly prepared food while enjoying a baseball game.

Working with Teslarati, Miso Robotics is currently opening up for another investment round where you become a shareholder and be a part of Flippy’s implementation into the quick-service restaurant industry.

Join the movement and become Miso’s newest partner in Flippy’s widespread use as a kitchen assistant in restaurants all across the United States.


Autonomous robot chef moves into the kitchen, powered by AI
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