SpaceX reveals its first Extravehicular Activity Suits (EVA) for Polaris Dawn mission

Polaris Dawn astronauts aboard Crew Dragon in their new EVA suits (Credit SpaceX)

SpaceX has revealed its first-ever Extravehicular Activity (EVA) Suits that will be used on the upcoming Polaris Dawn mission.

The Polaris Dawn mission, which is currently scheduled for later this Summer, will feature the first time a commercial astronaut crew conducts a spacewalk.

In order to undertake this mission, SpaceX designed an EVA suit based on their Intravehicular Activity suits that current Crew Dragon astronauts wear when they launch. The new EVA suits feature a new visor that will reduce glare while conducting the spacewalk, as well as a heads-up display that will show vital information such as temperatures and pressures.

SpaceX also added new “thermal management textiles” along with incorporating materials from the Falcon 9 interstage and Dragon’s trunk.

The Polaris Dawn members, Commander Jared Isaacman, Pilot Scott Poteet, Mission Specialist Sarah Gillis, and Mission Specialist / Medical Officer Anna Menon will conduct the first-ever commercial astronaut spacewalk while approximately 700 kilometers above the Earth. This will be the furthest humans have traveled in space since the last time a Space Shuttle crew conducted maintenance on the Hubble Space Telescope. During their spacewalk, all four astronauts will be exposed to the vacuum of space at the same time, the most ever at once in history.

The Polaris Dawn mission will also feature the first time Starlink is used by a crew in space to test communications and data relays. These tests could eventually lead to Starlink satellites providing communications to crews on the Moon and beyond in the future.

This mission is just the first three currently planned and will culminate in a launch aboard Starship when it is flying regularly and safely.

Are you looking forward to the Polaris Dawn mission this summer? How do you think SpaceX will evolve these EVA suits even further for uses on the Moon and potentially Mars in the far future?

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SpaceX reveals its first Extravehicular Activity Suits (EVA) for Polaris Dawn mission
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