Hyundai to construct an EV module plant in S. Korea

(Credit: Hyundai)

Hyundai plans to construct an electric vehicle (EV) module plant in South Korea. Hyundai’s investment shows that it still believes electric vehicles are the future despite a slowing market. 

On Thursday, May 9, 2024, Hyundai signed an investment memorandum of understanding with the Ulsan Metropolitan City. Ulsan Mayor Kim Du-gyeom and Hyundai Mobis CEO Lee Gyu-suk attended the signing, reported the Korea Herald

The EV module plant’s expected completion date is late 2025. Hyundai’s module plant in Ulsan will supply critical EV parts to automakers, including driver’s seat modules. The plant will also manufacture a chassis module that will be delivered with Hyundai’s Power Electric (PE) system. The chassis module will be an essential part of the structural system of future EVs. It will integrate functions like suspension, steering, and braking.

Hyundai Motor Group’s parts and service arm, Hyundai Mobis, will be in charge of building the EV module plant in South Korea. The Asian automaker plans to invest approximately $65 million on the EV module plant. 

The EV module plant will expand Hyundai Mobis’ manufacturing network in South Korea. Currently, Mobis’ manufacturing network includes battery system and PE system plants in Ulsan, Daegu, Chinju, and Pyeongtaek. 

Hyundai’s investment in an EV module plant reveals its commitment to the future of electric vehicles. Last month, the South Korean automaker formed a partnership with Japanese material manufacturer Toray Industries to enhance EV performance. Hyundai is also investing nearly $1 billion to develop self-driving technology. 

However, even Hyundai isn’t immune to the slowing EV market. In April 2024, Hyundai decided to invest in hybrid production at its Georgia Metaplant which was initially a dedicated factory for EV production.

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Hyundai to construct an EV module plant in S. Korea
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