SpaceX stacks Starship for testing ahead of the fourth flight

Starship 29 stacked atop Super Heavy Booster 11 (Credit SpaceX)

SpaceX has stacked Starship 29 on top of Super Heavy Booster 11 ahead of the fourth Integrated Flight test, which could happen within the next three to five weeks.

Over the next few days, SpaceX will begin various tests of the rocket, including a full Wet Dress Rehearsal, during which Starship will be fully fueled. The company will also test all of the ground systems to ensure there is less of a chance of issues popping up on the day of a launch attempt.

SpaceX is still awaiting its launch license from the Federal Aviation Administration, but it seems that this time around, they will receive it within the next 3 to 5 weeks, which is the time Elon Musk estimated the launch would take place.

Starship 29 has already completed two static fires, while Super Heavy Booster 11 has completed one static fire of its 33 Raptor engines. SpaceX could conduct a spin prime or even a static fire test while the two are stacked together. Once these tests are completed, SpaceX will likely de-stack the two rockets and possibly move them back to the production site for final preparations, including finishing work on Starship 29’s heatshield tiles.

SpaceX isn’t focusing solely on the 4th flight as they recently conducted a static fire of Starship 30 at suborbital pad B. Ship 30 is likely to fly the 5th flight test along with Super Heavy Booster 12, which has completed 2 cryogenic tests.

The company also recently attempted a cryogenic test of Starship 31, but in a video captured by NSF and posted on X, it appears an electrical fire broke out during the detanking process.

What About It’s John Cargile later captured a detailed picture of the damage, which showed the damage to the raceway, which is full of electrical wires that run up and down the ship.

It is unknown how serious the damage was and if the Ship can be salvaged but it would be far from the first time that SpaceX has encountered issues like this and still made repairs and flown the rocket later on.

Do you think the fourth flight test will take place within 3 to 5 weeks, or will there be a longer wait?

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SpaceX stacks Starship for testing ahead of the fourth flight
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