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Tesla’s appeal against license plate delivery hold up withheld by Swedish court

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Tesla’s case against a widespread union pushback in Sweden has taken an odd turn, as the court system in the country denied an appeal from the automaker.

After Tesla and Swedish union IF Metall entered a contradiction last year over a collective agreement involving wages, conditions, and other issues, other unions related to the production and registration of the company’s EVs have joined in as a sign of unity.

Unions have done extremely weird things to show solidarity. For example, last year, the country’s Transport Workers’ Union said that it would no longer collect garbage and waste from Tesla’s showrooms and Service Centers.

Sweden’s largest union joins strikes against Tesla

Attacking a company’s need for general cleanliness and sanitation seemed odd, but it happened.

Although unions are having issues with Tesla, there are still plenty of customers in the country. Some of them are being impacted by the strikes.

In December, Postnord refused to deliver license plates for Tesla vehicles to the company’s facilities, making it more difficult for customers and new owners to get the proper things to drive their vehicles legally.

Tesla wondered if this was legal and sued the Transport Agency to ensure that it had access to the plates it needed.

However, it appears the struggle for plates will continue, as a Swedish court ruled today that Tesla’s appeal against a previous decision will be thrown out. The ruling indicates that Tesla is not entitled to the plates.

The Swedish Court said in a statement (via Reuters):

“The Court of Appeal agrees with the District Court’s assessment that the general court … does not have jurisdiction to hear the action brought by Tesla.”

It is only the latest turn in a strange situation for Tesla, which is still working to maintain as normal business operations as it can.

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Tesla’s appeal against license plate delivery hold up withheld by Swedish court
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