SunPower announces addition of Tesla Powerwall 3 to its portfolio

Credit: Tesla

One of the United States’ leading solar energy companies, SunPower, has announced that it is adding the Tesla Powerwall 3 home battery system to its portfolio. Tesla launched the Powerwall 3 last year, with Elon Musk stating that the battery is optimized for ease of installation and high power

As per Tesla’s official website, the Powerwall 3 home battery has an energy capacity of 13.5 kWh, which is similar to its predecessor. Unlike its predecessor, however, a single Powerwall 3 unit can provide 11.5 kW of continuous power. This means that a single Powerwall 3 battery could provide a home with uninterruptible power. 

In a press release, Shawn Fitzgerald, SVP Corporate Development and Product Strategy at SunPower, noted that homeowners today are increasingly opting in for battery storage solutions. And with this trend in mind, it only makes sense to offer the Powerwall 3 to consumers. 

“Homeowners are increasingly turning to battery storage to protect themselves against ongoing utility rate hikes and grid outages. We witnessed record-breaking battery storage sales in 2024 and see a future where almost all solar systems are paired with storage. Pairing Tesla Powerwall 3 with our industry-leading SunPower Equinox solar system was a natural progression in offering homeowners the best products on the market,” Fitzgerald noted. 

Joe Holstein, owner of SunPower by Quality Home Services, a SunPower Master Dealer, noted that the addition of the Tesla Powerwall 3 to SunPower’s portfolio could provide benefits to homeowners. Home battery solutions are becoming an increasingly affordable solution, after all, especially considering that about 82% of SunPower customers choose to finance their solar-plus-battery-storage systems

“Expanding access to Tesla Powerwall 3 allows us to offer homeowners a comprehensive energy solution under one roof, including sales, financing, and installation. Together with SunPower, we’re able to sell top-rated solar and battery storage solutions to meet the demands of our customers while simplifying the process to adopt clean energy,” Holstein noted. 

Details of SunPower’s Tesla Powerwall 3 offer be viewed here.

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SunPower announces addition of Tesla Powerwall 3 to its portfolio
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