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Tees Valley wants Elon Musk to build a Gigafactory in England

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The Conservative Mayor for Tees Valley, Ben Houchen, has a special request for Tesla CEO, Elon Musk. The mayor wrote a letter to Elon Musk asking him to build a plant in his region. According to the letter, which has only been seen by The Telegraph, the mayor has a unique offer, City A.M. reported.

Teesside could offer Tesla “hundreds of acres of ideal developable land” without the drama of “the bureaucratic entanglements seen at other sites.”

The Tees Valley mayor offer said that Teesside could offer Tesla acces to customs incentives through the Teesside Freeport that opened up late last year.

“In the UK, where we have an £82bn automobile industry which leads the world in production of high-end vehicles, it would surely make sense for Tesla to develop a serious presence, with Teesside being the best possible location to do this.”

The Tees Valley Mayor has been trying to bring Tesla to his area for some time now.

Although this isn’t new news, the letter comes after Elon Musk’s announcement that Tesla could unveil plans for a new Gigafactory location this year. Mayor Houchen has been taking to Twitter to ask Elon Musk to consider Teesside. In December 2020, he tweeted that construction could start as early as February 2021.


During the Cyber Roundup, Elon Musk said that he may announce the next Gigafactory location by the end of this year. When he hinted at being undecided on the location, many shareholders attending the Cyber Roundup offered suggestions. Canada seemed to be the most heard.

When asked how many Gigafactories were needed for Tesla to reach 20 million cars, Elon said it would need around a dozen or so.

He also spoke about Tesla’s next decade noting that 100 million cars will be pretty doable. He added, “I’ll be surprised if it’s not over 100 million in 10 years.”

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Tees Valley wants Elon Musk to build a Gigafactory in England
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