Tesla 2022 Impact Report all ties back to Master Plan Part 3

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Tesla released its 2022 Impact Report with an additional “message of hope.” The latest Impact Report from Tesla has a central theme: Master Plan Part 3. 

Tesla has obviously found a clearer vision for its future in Master Plan Part 3. Nearly everything the company has released lately all ties back to it. At Investor Day 2023, Tesla extensively discussed what each department is doing to achieve the goals laid out in Master Plan Part 3. Similarly, the 2022 Impact Report shows what Tesla has been doing to contribute to its ultimate goal: a sustainable energy economy. 

In its latest Impact Report, Tesla reminds readers that Master Plan Part 3 is a message of hope and that a sustainable energy economy is within reach. To be precise, Tesla estimates that a sustainable energy economy requires 50% less total energy

“Most people assume that an electrified civilization requires the same or more energy than a fossil fuel economy. That is not true,” wrote Tesla in its 2022 Impact Report.

Tesla’s latest Impact Report hints that achieving a sustainable energy economy will take hard work and collaboration. Tesla is doing its part to reach that goal, first and foremost, by producing electric vehicles to reduce CO2 emissions. The 2022 Impact Report states that Tesla made and delivered 1.3 million EVs last year. 

The company calculated that its customers avoided releasing ~13.4 million metric tons of CO2e into the atmosphere in 2022. Tesla also reported that its global Supercharger Network was 100% renewable last year, thanks to on-site resources and annual renewable matching. 

Tesla improved the environmental impact of its electric vehicles in 2022 as well by minimizing GHG emissions from its full value chain—including its supply chain, manufacturing processes, sales, service, and deliveries. Tesla also reported that 90% of its manufacturing waste is recycled. 

Tesla’s other products, like the Megapack and Solar Roof, also significantly contribute to the goal of reaching a sustainable energy economy. The 2022 Impact Report shows a snapshot of what Tesla did last year to get closer to its ultimate goal, laid out in Master Plan Part 3. Read more about it below. 

2022 Tesla Impact Report by Maria Merano

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Tesla 2022 Impact Report all ties back to Master Plan Part 3
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