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Mercedes’ next high performance EV spotted testing in California

Credit: Mercedes-Benz

The upcoming Mercedes AMG EQE SUV was spotted completing testing in California ahead of a planned launch in the coming year.

Mercedes has been slowly but surely expanding its EV lineup in its largest markets, Europe, North America, and China. This includes flagship models like the EQS, the electric variant of the historic S-Class, and affordable models like the EQA. Now, as the premium German brand looks to electrify its performance offerings as well, its newest electric AMG model has been spotted testing in California, the Mercedes AMG EQE SUV.

The testing vehicle, easily identified by its manufacturer plates, was first spotted on Instagram by Kindelauto.


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As seen in the pictures posted by the account, the upcoming AMG variant of the EQE SUV looks deceptively like its base model counterpart, spare the AMG badge, blacked-out accents, and slightly more prominent rear spoiler. But these looks hide a serious performance SUV, which is set to be the first electric Mercedes AMG SUV sold in the United States.

According to Mercedes, the upcoming AMG EQE SUV produces an earth-shattering 677 horsepower and 737 pound-feet of torque, enough to rocket the sizeable SUV from 0-60mph in just 3.4 seconds. This power comes from a dual-motor all-wheel-drive drivetrain, fed by a 90.8kWh battery, capable of a max range of 294 miles.

Besides the massive performance bump, Mercedes also adds numerous other improvements to the AMG edition of the EQE SUV. Foremost, the performance-oriented SUV receives the German brand’s signature performance air-suspension setup, which allows the driver to change the ride height and performance characteristics quickly. Second, the vehicle is expected to receive a luxury interior upgrade, typical of AMG vehicles. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the AMG EQE is expected to get a sizable price bump, shooting the starting price well above the $100,000 mark in the United States.

Unlike the EQE Sedan, which can be ordered in four distinct trims, including an AMG version, the newer EQE SUV is currently only available in 1 trim; 350+. That model comes at a starting price of $77,900. Mercedes has already launched the EQE SUV in the United States, but the AMG trim is expected to show up on dealer lots later this year, along with more details, including pricing information.

With increasing competition from traditional rivals, including Porsche and BMW, Mercedes is under significant pressure to beat its competitors to the luxury market, involving a sizable and dedicated investment into EV production. And with yet another model available to customers, it’s clear that the company is on the right track. However, as Tesla continues to grow its market presence as well, Mercedes may need to attract customers with more than just new model variants in the near future.

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Mercedes’ next high performance EV spotted testing in California
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