Tesla had an excellent 2023 in Norway and Iceland

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Tesla’s relatively quiet execution of its goals in 2023 seemed to have paid off in Europe, with the electric vehicle maker posting impressive sales results in several countries. Over the course of 2023, Tesla, especially its Model Y crossover, proved that electric vehicles could be best-sellers — they just have to be legitimate, compelling cars.

In Sweden, Tesla managed to register 20,330 vehicles in 2023. This number represented a growth of 121.3% year-over-year. Similar to other markets, the Tesla Model Y drove most of the company’s sales in the country, with the all-electric crossover seeing 16,415 registrations during the year, as per data from

These numbers are particularly impressive considering Tesla Sweden’s ongoing issues with trade union IF Metall, which has made the EV maker’s recent operations more complicated than necessary. 

Over in Denmark, the Tesla Model Y also made a huge impact in 2023. The Tesla Model Y was the best-selling car overall in 2023, with 17,955 units sold. This meant that the Model Y outsold popular and significantly more affordable vehicles like the Peugeot 208 and the Ford Kuga, which sold 6,035 and 4,425 units, respectively. 

In a post on LinkedIn, Tesla Regional Lead Kim Gaba Jensen noted that the number of Tesla vehicles on the road in Denmark more than doubled from 29,752 to 59,559 units during 2023. 

Norway, which is arguably the EV capital of the world, saw some serious domination from Tesla in 2023 as well. As noted in a Reuters report, Tesla topped Norway’s car sales statistic for the third year in a row, with the company’s overall market share rising to 20% in 2023, a notable improvement from its already impressive 12.2% share in 2022. 

The Model Y carried Tesla’s sales in Norway, with the all-electric crossover selling 23,088 units over the year. Its closest rival is the Volkswagen ID.4, which sold 6,614 units in 2023. 

In a post on its official Tesla Europe account on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter, the electric vehicle maker also confirmed that Tesla was the most-sold vehicle brand in Iceland in 2023. Tesla noted that this milestone effectively broke the previous record held for 33 years. 

Tesla Europe’s results all but prove that there is a legitimate demand for well-designed, proper electric vehicles. The company’s numbers are also especially impressive, considering that Tesla is still just producing premium-priced electric vehicles. Once Tesla starts entering the affordable segment, the company’s numbers will likely reach even greater heights — in Europe and beyond. 

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Tesla had an excellent 2023 in Norway and Iceland
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