Tesla Model 3 Highland delivery from Fremont expected by the end of Q1 2024

(Credit: Matthew Donegan-Ryan/X)

Tesla Model 3 Highland deliveries from the Fremont Factory are expected to start by the end of Q1 2024. 

Former Microsoft strategist Robert Scoble reportedly talked with a Tesla employee at the Fremont Factory on January 1, 2024. Scoble shared via X that Tesla is expected to announce Model 3 Highland deliveries this month and plans to start deliveries by March 2024.

Tesla has an upcoming earnings call for Q4 and Full Year (FY) 2023 scheduled for January 24, which would be an excellent time to make Tesla Model 3 Highland announcements. As with previous end-of-year meetings, Tesla executives might discuss plans for 2024, including any cars coming to the market.

Before 2024 rolled in, a Model 3 Highland was spotted multiple times cruising through the United States. One unit was spotted next to a Cybertruck at the Firebaugh Supercharger. Tesla owner Matthew Donegan-Ryan recently posted photos of a Tesla Model 3 Highland at the Fremont Factory. The Model 3 Highland unit featured Shanghai badges, but the “F” in its VIN hinted it was made at Tesla’s factory in California. 

The multiple sightings of the Model 3 Highland before the new year and Donegan-Ryan’s post hint that Tesla is gearing up for Model 3 Highland production for the North American market and maybe other markets. 

In August 2023, Tesla launched the Model 3 Highland in China, Australia, New Zealand, parts of Europe, and the United Arab Emirates. At the time, the refresh model was noticeably not available in the United Kingdom and the North American market

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Tesla Model 3 Highland delivery from Fremont expected by the end of Q1 2024
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