Tesla ranks among UK’s most reliable carmakers in veteran motoring magazine’s survey

Britain-based motoring publication What Car?‘s recent Reliability Survey included a rather surprising addition this year. Amidst the magazine’s Top 10 list of most reliable carmakers in the UK lies Tesla at No.4, beating veterans known for their reliability such Japanese automaker Honda in the process. 

What Car?‘s 2019 rankings involved an analysis of data from over 18,000 vehicles that span 31 brands and 218 car models. According to the magazine, 18,119 car owners provided detailed accounts of any vehicle-related problems that they ran into over the past 12 months. Data on the turnaround time and cost for repairs were also taken into consideration. 

Among the 31 brands included in this year’s survey, Tesla ranked 4th place with an overall score of 96.9%. In its post about its study’s results, the publication noted that electric cars, in general, are starting to emerge as one of the most reliable classes of vehicles that consumers can buy. Thus, it was no wonder that Tesla, which only produces EVs, garnered a high reliability score among car owners. 

Overall, Tesla was only exceeded by a trifecta of Japanese brands comprised of Lexus (99.3%), Toyota (97.7%), and Suzuki (97.3%). Interestingly, part of the reason behind Lexus’ high score is also due to the company’s electrified vehicles, one of which garnered a 100% reliability score. Veteran carmakers Subaru (96.6%), Kia (96.3%), Hyundai (95.7%), Mini (95.4%), Skoda (95.2%), and Honda (94.9%) followed the Silicon Valley-based electric car maker in What Car?‘s Top 10 list. 

Tesla’s place in What Car?‘s 2019 Reliability Survey is impressive, especially considering that the company is the sole American automaker that made the study’s Top 10 list. The fact that Tesla achieved such a high rank despite the company’s well-known extended turnaround times for repairs also proves that its vehicles are simply gaining a reputation for being low-maintenance and durable. 

A large part of this lies in the all-electric design of Tesla’s vehicles. With few parts and no engine, Teslas need far less maintenance compared to their internal combustion-powered counterparts. Even components such as brake pads last longer in a Tesla due to the vehicles’ utilization of regenerative braking. Among the Tesla community, it is not rare to see owners listing basic practices such as tire rotation and wiper fluid refilling as the majority of their vehicles’ regular “maintenance.”

The UK is now being saturated by Tesla’s most affordable, most disruptive vehicle to date, the Model 3. The midsize all-electric four-door has made quite a splash in recent months, with the Model 3 pushing a 377% increase in the region’s EV sales for August year-over-year, as per data from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT).

Tesla ranks among UK’s most reliable carmakers in veteran motoring magazine’s survey
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