Tesla Model 3 hailed as ‘best electric car you can buy’ in noted reviewer’s Top 10 list

A Tesla Model 3. (Credit: carwow/YouTube)

The Tesla Model 3 was recently dubbed by one of YouTube’s most noted auto reviewers as the “best electric car” that can be purchased today. The Model 3 beat out several other EVs to achieve its top rank, including both affordable and premium competitors. 

The Top 10 list of best electric cars was shared on YouTube by UK-based carwow, which has extensive experience reviewing electric cars, both in the premium and affordable segment. The channel’s host, Mat Watson, did not specify the metrics used to rate the vehicles in the Top 10 list, though it appears that performance, build quality, technology, interior, and price were considered as key factors. 

With this in mind, the Tesla Model 3 managed to achieve the top spot in the company’s Top 10 list, beating even its stablemates, the pricier Model S and Model X, as well as upstart premium EVs like the Jaguar I-PACE and the Audi e-tron. According to Watson, the Model 3’s tech, driving dynamics, and overall driving experience, make the vehicle the best EV in the market today, bar none. 

The reviewer noted that while the Model 3 is Tesla’s most affordable car, it is arguably the best in the company’s lineup terms of overall value. Tesla’s years of experience that it gained from the Model S and Model X were evident in the Model 3, particularly with regards to the midsize sedan’s build quality, which is nearing parity with German automakers. 

Similar to a recent review from Bild, a German publication, carwow also listed the Model 3’s hyper-minimalistic and futuristic cabin as one of the electric sedan’s strengths. As noted by Watson, the Model 3’s cabin design and huge infotainment system make the vehicle’s interior “light years ahead” of the competition. 

The Model 3’s driving dynamics were also highly praised, as the vehicle combines Tesla’s trademark acceleration with sporty handling. Coupled with the sedan’s ride quality and its long range, Watson noted that these factors give the Model 3 a driving experience that is simply on another level.  

During the Q2 earnings call, Elon Musk remarked that the “story for Tesla’s future is fundamentally the Model 3 and Model Y,” both of which are designed to bring electric cars to the mass market. The Model 3 has already started doing this, with the vehicle’s base variant, complete with basic Autopilot and a generous list of safety technologies, starting below $40,000 in the US before incentives. In countries such as South Korea, which grants generous national and provincial subsidies for EV buyers, the Model 3’s starting price gets adjusted to as low as ~$26,500

Watch carwow‘s Top 10 list of best electric cars in the video below. 

Tesla Model 3 hailed as ‘best electric car you can buy’ in noted reviewer’s Top 10 list
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