Tesla hits 1 million vehicle milestone across Europe

Credit: Arash Malek/X

Tesla has successfully delivered 1 million vehicles to customers across Europe. The milestone was achieved 14 years after the company delivered the first original Tesla Roadster to a customer in Europe.

The company’s new feat was posted on Tesla Europe’s official account on X, Elon Musk’s social media platform formerly known as Twitter. As noted by Tesla, its 1 million vehicle milestone was made possible by customers and supporters who have stood by the company over the years. 

“14 years ago, we delivered the first Tesla Roadster to customers in Europe. Today, we hit 1 million Tesla vehicles on the road across Europe. Thanks to our owners & supporters for helping us accelerate the transition to sustainable energy!” Tesla wrote

Tesla’s journey in Europe has not been easy. Today, customers in Europe who wish to order a Model Y could acquire a vehicle that’s produced in Giga Berlin. This was not the case during the time of the original Tesla Roadster, Model S, Model X, and Model 3, as customers in the region had to rely on Tesla’s exports to acquire their vehicles. 

That required quite a bit of patience on European customers’ part, especially during the years when Gigafactory Shanghai was not yet operational. Exports to Europe hit their stride with Giga Shanghai, and with Giga Berlin in the picture, Tesla is able to provide its most popular vehicles to the European market efficiently. 

Apart from the company’s 1 million vehicle milestone in Europe, Tesla also posted a rather optimistic update about the Model Y in the region. As per the electric vehicle maker, the Tesla Model Y remained Europe’s best-selling vehicle of any kind as of August. This was a notable achievement for Tesla considering that the Model Y is a premium vehicle. 

Tesla is bound to only get better in Europe. During the Q3 2023 earnings call, Tesla executives noted that the company is extremely focused on optimizing facilities like Gigafactory Berlin. With this, the factory could produce even more Model Ys for the European market. 

“Berlin and Austin factory, the current priority is actually maximizing the output from our existing lines by laser-focusing on efficiency improvements. As always, maintaining a high quality and reducing per unit cost will be as critical as growing the production volume,” a Tesla executive noted. 

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Tesla hits 1 million vehicle milestone across Europe
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