Tesla battery supplier LG Energy Solution raises revenue outlook amid rising EV demand

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The electric vehicle transition is hitting its pace, and battery suppliers definitely seem to be feeling it. Tesla supplier LG Energy Solution (LGES), for one, recently upped its revenue guidance by 14% after quarterly profit beat forecasts on strong demand from EV makers. 

LG Energy Solution noted that the company’s battery order backlog had risen to 370 million won (about $260 billion) by the end of September. This was an impressive number, especially if one were to consider that it’s nearly 15 times the company’s projected 2022 revenue. 

LGES shares appear to have reacted positively to the company’s update, jumping 3.3%. This compares favorably to the 1% rise in the benchmark index. 

LG Energy Solution is one of Tesla’s key battery suppliers, and back in 2020, the South Korean company announced that it eventually intends to become Tesla’s primary battery partner. This was a notable challenge to other battery companies currently supplying Tesla, such as CATL and Panasonic, both of whom also consider the EV maker as a key client. 

LGES does not just supply Tesla. The company also provides batteries for automakers such as Ford, General Motors, and Volkswagen. The company’s strong ties with automakers that are looking to push more electric vehicles also appear to be one of the reasons why LG Energy Solution raised its 2022 revenue outlook from 22 trillion won to 25 trillion won. 

LG Energy Solution also noted that 70% of its order backlog was from North America, and demand from prolific client Tesla is expected to stay solid this fourth quarter, according to a Reuters report. LGES Chief Financial Officer Lee Chang-sil highlighted the company’s growing EV battery business in a statement. 

“We have increased the shipment of EV batteries thanks to improved demand in Europe and North America,” Lee said. 

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Tesla battery supplier LG Energy Solution raises revenue outlook amid rising EV demand
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