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Tesla China sees 10,000 insurance registrations on July’s 2nd week

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Tesla China is likely still focusing its resources on vehicle exports considering that the third quarter is just starting, but it appears that the electric vehicle maker’s domestic sales are not doing bad at all. For the week ending July 16, for example, industry watchers estimate that Tesla China saw 10,000 domestic sales. 

Tesla China does not post its weekly sales figures in the country, though the general trend of the company’s domestic sales can be inferred through the number of new cars that were registered in the previous week. Insurance registrations are then watched closely in China, with even EV makers like Li Auto publishing weekly reports on insurance registrations in the country.

With an estimated 10,000 domestic sales for the week ending July 16, Tesla China seems to be maintaining some pretty strong momentum despite Giga Shanghai’s focus on exports at this stage in the quarter. Considering that there were only 3,200 insurance registrations for the week ending July 9, Tesla China saw a 212.50% increase in domestic sales week-over-week. 

This also means that between July 1 and 16, Tesla China was able to sell around 13,000 vehicles domestically in China. This bodes well for the third quarter, especially since the demand for the Model 3 sedan is possibly seeing some headwinds today due to consumers’ anticipation of the vehicle’s Project Highland update. With this in mind, it would not be surprising if the majority of the 13,000 vehicles sold this Q3 so far in China were mostly Model Y crossovers. 

Tesla China continues to be a strong player in the electric vehicle maker’s operations. On July 13, Tesla announced that Gigafactory Shanghai had produced its one millionth Model Y to date. This was a notable milestone considering that Model Y production only started in January 2021. The facility’s vehicle production ramp also faced headwinds such as last year’s Covid-related shutdowns. 

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Tesla China sees 10,000 insurance registrations on July’s 2nd week
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