Tesla China sees 12,800 insurance registrations in May’s fourth week

Credit: Tesla Asia/Twitter

It appears that Tesla China is on track to achieve another strong quarter. As per local industry watchers, the American electric vehicle maker appears to have seen 12,800 insurance registrations in the fourth week of May, a 25% increase from the previous week. 

Tesla’s estimated results for May’s fourth week are impressive, especially considering that the third week, which saw 10,200 insurance registrations, was already quite notable. Tesla watchers also observed that the past week represented an improvement over the first quarter’s eighth week. 

Tesla China’s insurance registrations saw a notable rise in the past couple of weeks. For context, the electric vehicle maker saw 5,928 registrations in the first week of May, and 9,990 registrations the following week. So far, Tesla China has seen about 38,918 insurance registrations for the month of May

Tesla China’s impressive weekly numbers come amidst CEO Elon Musk’s ongoing visit to the country. As per recent reports, Musk had recently met with Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang in Beijing. The Chinese Foreign Ministry noted in a release that Gang and Musk talked about the country and its business opportunities, especially for international companies like Tesla. 

Musk also reportedly highlighted that the interests of the United States and China are intertwined, much like Siamese Twins. With this in mind, Musk noted that he does not support a “decoupling” of the two countries. He also noted that he is willing to expand Tesla’s business presence in China

The CEO and the Foreign Minister have met in the past, and they have developed some pretty good rapport with each other. On March 2022, for example, the Minister noted that he had an inspiring conversation with Elon Musk about cars, space, the brain, and the meaning of life on Earth. He also posted his congratulations to Tesla when Gigafactory Shanghai produced its 1 millionth production vehicle. 

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Tesla China sees 12,800 insurance registrations in May’s fourth week
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