Tesla CEO Elon Musk meets with Chinese Foreign Minister during China visit

Credit: Chinese Foreign Ministry

True to recent reports, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has arrived in China. And as per a recent statement from the Chinese Foreign Ministry, one of the first things that Musk did upon arriving in the country was meet with Foreign Minister Qin Gang in Beijing. 

The Chinese Foreign Ministry posted a summary of the CEO and official’s meeting. As per the ministry, Gang made it a point to highlight that modernization would create unprecedented growth potential and market demand. With this in mind, the new energy vehicle sector, which Tesla competes in, appears to have a promising future. 

The foreign minister also noted that China would be committed to creating a better market-oriented international business environment for companies across the globe, including Tesla. Gang also noted that China’s development is essentially an opportunity for the world, and thus, a steady and constructive relationship between the US and China would be beneficial to the world as well. 

Using a Tesla-related analogy, the official noted that the two countries should keep the steering wheel in the right direction. The US and China must also step on the brakes at appropriate times to avoid dangerous driving

Musk, for his part, reportedly highlighted that China’s workforce is hardworking, a sentiment that the CEO has shared multiple times in the past. The CEO also shared a metaphor of his own, noting that the interests of China and the United States are ultimately intertwined, similar to Siamese Twins that are inseparable from each other. With this in mind, the CEO highlighted that he is opposed to “decoupling,” and he is willing to expand his business in the country. 

Apart from his meeting with the official, Musk is expected to make several stops on his China trip. Expectations are high that the CEO would pay a visit to Gigafactory Shanghai, Tesla’s largest factory by volume today. Recent photos of Musk also showed the CEO walking alongside the CEO and founder of CATL, Robin Zeng Yuqun. 

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk meets with Chinese Foreign Minister during China visit
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