Tesla dominates China’s EV exports with 14,174 Model 3 on top of 25,845 local sales

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Following a blockbuster March that saw Tesla China selling an impressive 35,478 vehicles domestically, the EV maker continued to hit its rhythm in April 2021. This was evident in Tesla’s total sales of 40,019 vehicles, comprised of 25,845 units sold domestically and 14,174 exported to other territories. With these results, Tesla China effectively dominated the country’s EV exports for April 2021. 

The data, which was released recently by the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA), shows that Tesla could maintain its strength in the market despite a wave of controversies and negative media coverage. Tesla China was embroiled in a series of issues last month, the most notable of which was a high-profile protest at the Shanghai Auto Show and rumors that the company’s vehicles had faulty brakes. These rumors were later debunked by the real-world performance of Tesla’s brakes in multi-vehicle accidents. 

That being said, Tesla China’s domestic sales did drop 27% compared to March 2021, though this is likely not due to a lack of demand. Instead, the notable drop in Tesla’s domestic sales was most due to the 14,174 vehicles that were exported to other territories. Without the exported cars from March, Tesla China might have broken its domestic sales records in March.

But even with its 27% drop in domestic sales, Tesla China’s local numbers are still up 611% year-over-year. That’s impressive growth either way, especially considering that Gigafactory Shanghai has only just begun the production ramp of the Made-in-China Model Y. Considering that the Model Y is expected to outsell the already-formidable Model 3 due to its crossover design, there is a good chance that Tesla China’s numbers over the next few months would likely be even more impressive. 

New Energy Vehicles seem to be hitting their stride in China. Just like Tesla, companies like NIO have seen strong year-over-year growth. Earlier this month, NIO reported that it had delivered 7,102 vehicles in April, a 125.1% increase YoY. Xpeng Motors, on the other hand, delivered 5,147 cars last month, an increase of 285% year-over-year. Li Auto, another up-and-coming player in China’s EV space, reported sales of 5,539 units in April, an increase of 111.3% YoY. 

Exports-wise, however, the race was not even close. Tesla’s 14,174 vehicles sent to other countries stood unrivaled at the top. Its closest challenger was SAIC Motors, which exported 2,378 vehicles in April, and third place is Aichi Auto, which exported 335 EVs over the month. 

The China Passenger Car Association’s April sales report could be viewed here

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Tesla dominates China’s EV exports with 14,174 Model 3 on top of 25,845 local sales
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