Tesla China sells 66k vehicles in January despite Chinese New Year break

Credit: Tesla Asia/Twitter

Data released by the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA) has revealed that Tesla China sold 66,051 Gigafactory Shanghai-made vehicles in January 2023. The number covers cars that were sold domestically and exported abroad. 

Tesla China’s January 2023 wholesale results indicate that the electric vehicle maker sold 10.37% more cars year-over-year and 18.38% more units month-over-month. For context, Tesla China’s wholesale figures in January 2022 stood at 59,845 units and 55,796 units in December 2022. 

While Tesla China’s January 2023 results are not record-setting, they are nevertheless impressive. This is because China celebrated its Spring Festival last month, which spanned the final days of the month. Without the holiday, Tesla China’s sales would likely have been more robust. 

The CPCA is yet to release the details of Tesla China’s January 2023 results. That being said, the agency is expected to release the specifics of its NEV sector in the coming days, including how many vehicles were sold locally and how many were exported abroad. Such details provide valuable insights into Tesla China’s potential plans, especially considering the company’s typical export and domestic strategy. 

As clarified by Tesla executives, Gigafactory Shanghai is the company’s primary vehicle export hub. This meant that the first half of a quarter was typically allotted for the production of vehicles that were meant to be exported abroad, while the latter half was allotted for cars that would be delivered to the domestic Chinese market. Tesla China’s pricing strategies in January, however, might result in some changes to the company’s typical routine this Q1. 

Following a series of aggressive price cuts to the Giga Shanghai-made Model 3 and Model Y, Tesla China reportedly received a wave of orders for its all-electric vehicles. Reuters also cited an internal memo from Tesla China suggesting that the company would be ramping to a rate of 20,000 vehicles per week in February and March. The increased output of Giga Shanghai is reportedly due to rising demand following January’s price cuts. 

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Tesla China sells 66k vehicles in January despite Chinese New Year break
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