Tesla looks to bolster its AI talent with recruitment center in Silicon Valley

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Tesla is putting in a lot of effort to attract and recruit AI talent. Apart from dedicated events such as last year’s AI Day 2022, the company is reportedly setting up a large recruitment office in the middle of Silicon Valley. 

Nikkei Asia noted that at the end of January, a rather inconspicuous sign bearing Tesla’s name showed up at the entrance of a large building located at 3000 Hanover Street, Palo Alto, California. The building is large, featuring 569,248 square feet of space across two floors, and it was formerly the site of Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s (HPE) headquarters. 

It’s also situated on Stanford University campus. If Tesla wishes to hire some of the brightest young minds in the AI segment today, a recruitment center in the area would likely be a good idea. The Stanford AI Lab, after all, is considered a center of excellence for Artificial Intelligence research, theory, and practice since 1963, when it was founded. 

The new recruitment center in Palo Alto would also serve as a good way for Tesla to highlight that it is increasing its staff at a time when a number of large West Coast tech companies are letting people go. Elon Musk suggested as much, with the CEO noting that one of Tesla’s true strengths lies in its AI team

The real estate company that owns the building at 3000 Hanover Street, through an intermediary, has informed Nikkei that it has received a letter of intent from the electric vehicle maker. Tesla is also reportedly looking to rent almost 320,000 square feet of the building’s space. Tesla has not issued a statement about its new recruitment center as of writing. 

While Tesla’s headquarters has already been moved to Texas, Elon Musk has noted that the company would still be expanding its presence in California. Tesla’s AI team is reportedly still based in California, and so are the company’s teams that are working on projects such as Optimus

Tesla’s efforts to ramp its AI team could also be seen in the company’s job listings on its Careers website. At the end of last month alone, Tesla posted job openings for over 700 positions in Palo Alto. Of this number, 55% were for technology and IT-related jobs, and over 70 were specifically listed for autonomous driving and robotics. 

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Tesla looks to bolster its AI talent with recruitment center in Silicon Valley
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