Tesla China sees opportunity as Shanghai extends $1,500 EV subsidy

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Tesla China’s momentum in the country may be boosted in cities such as Shanghai, despite state subsidies for new electric vehicles expiring at the end of 2022. This was partly because a number of local governments, such as Shanghai, have followed through with incentive programs of their own to make the purchase of electric vehicles more attractive. 

The Shanghai government recently revealed its plan to stabilize economic growth. The plan included, among others, the promotion of products like cars and the revival of trade-in subsidies for new energy vehicle (NEV) purchases. The incentive was outlined in an action plan posted by the Shanghai government on its official website. 

Under the government’s action plan, Shanghai-based residents who scrap or transfer their current vehicles for battery electric cars by June 30, 2023 would receive a financial subsidy of 10,000 yuan ($1,500) per vehicle. “Before June 30, 2023, individual consumers who scrap or transfer passenger cars registered in Shanghai and meet relevant standards and purchase pure electric vehicles will be given a subsidy of 10,000 yuan per vehicle,” the plan read. 

In addition to trade-in subsidies, Shanghai’s latest action plan also mentioned a tax exemption for pure electric, plug-in hybrid, and fuel cell vehicles that were purchased between January 1 to December 31, 2023. These efforts are in line with China’s national policy. Shanghai’s action plan would come into effect on February 1 and be valid until December 31, 2023. 

Shanghai initially listed an NEV subsidy in its action plan to revive the economy last May 2022. That program expired at the end of the year, as noted in a CNEV Post report. In 2022, China’s NEV industry received state-level support. This support came in the form of purchase subsidies, which expired at the end of the year and were not revived, as well as purchase tax exemptions, which are expected to remain in place until the end of 2023.

Tesla China has launched a huge effort to increase its market share in the country. The company hinted as much earlier this month when it launched aggressive price cuts to the Giga Shanghai-made Model 3 sedan and Model Y crossover. Both vehicles are expected to see strong sales this quarter despite the emergence of legitimate competitors in the country.

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Tesla China sees opportunity as Shanghai extends $1,500 EV subsidy
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