Tesla Model 3 gifted to blind teenager after YouTuber’s mass eye surgery program

Credit: Mr Beast/YouTube

A teenager who recently received the gift of sight got something very special a few weeks later. After being part of popular YouTuber Mr. Beast’s drive to cure the blindness of 1,000 people across the world, a teenager who lost his vision when he was younger was gifted a Tesla Model 3. 

As noted by the YouTuber in his video, Satchel, a teenager, had bad vision from birth. But following a go-karting incident when he was younger, he practically lost all his sight. Speaking about his experience, the teenager noted that all he could really see were blurs and shapes. 

The teenager also commented that driving was something that he really wanted to do. But because his vision was impaired, he simply could not do it. “You know, I wanna drive. Since I can’t drive, I’m just at home,” the teenager said. 

The YouTuber, who is famous for extreme stunts and extravagant acts of kindness to strangers, opted to surprise the teenager with an extra gift following his surgery. Touching base with the teenager a few weeks later, the popular YouTuber brought him over to a parking lot to show him his new Tesla Model 3.

The Tesla Model 3 was a pre-refresh model with chrome trim, black interior and aero wheels, but one could see the sheer joy in the teenager’s eyes. A few rounds around the parking lot and the teenager seemed like he was fully accustomed to driving his all-electric car. The teenager’s joy was no surprise. After all, what better way to follow up the gift of sight than to have the gift of personal mobility as well? 

The Tesla Model 3 is actually a pretty good starter car for a new driver, thanks to its suite of active and passive safety features that help the vehicle get stellar safety ratings from agencies like the NHTSA. Basic Autopilot, which comes standard on the all-electric sedan, would also be extremely useful for a new driver like the teenager. 

Watch Mr. Beast’s latest humanitarian initiative in the video below. 

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Tesla Model 3 gifted to blind teenager after YouTuber’s mass eye surgery program
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