Tesla Cybertruck to be featured at 2024 Chicago Auto Show

Credit: Chicago Auto Show/X

The Tesla Cybertruck, together with its stablemates, will be displayed at the 2024 Chicago Auto Show, one of the United States’ most prolific automotive events. Updates from the organizers of the 2024 Chicago Auto Show indicate that the Cybertruck has arrived at the event’s venue, and it is ready for some visitors. 

The Chicago Auto Show is held every February at the McCormick Place convention center, and it is generally regarded as the largest auto show in North America. The 2024 Chicago Auto Show will be held from February 10 through February 19, though a press preview is scheduled to start February 8. A “First Look for Charity” Gala is also scheduled on February 9, 2024. 

Considering the prolific nature of electric vehicles in the United States today, it is no surprise that the 2024 Chicago Auto Show would be featuring a number of EVs. These include electric cars from veteran automakers such as the 2025 BMW i5, the 2025 Cadillac Escalade IQ, and the Ford F-150 Lightning Switchgear, to EVs from newcomers like the Lucid Air. 

Interestingly enough, the official website of the 2024 Chicago Auto Show does not list the Tesla Cybertruck as one of the event’s featured electric cars this year. Instead, the event only lists the Tesla Model 3, Tesla Model X, and Tesla Model Y as part of this year’s electric car displays. The Cybertruck seems to be one of this year’s most notable displays, however, with the official X handle of the 2024 Chicago Auto Show specifically posting about the all-electric pickup truck. 

The Cybertruck may be Tesla’s most polarizing vehicle yet, but one cannot deny the fact that it is a very interesting pickup truck. This was highlighted in the Cybertruck’s multi-city tour in China, a country where the vehicle may not even be sold at all. Despite this, images and videos taken of the Cybertruck’s China tour indicate that the all-electric pickup truck attracted a ton of attention, with long lines of people waiting for their chance to view the vehicle. 

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Tesla Cybertruck to be featured at 2024 Chicago Auto Show
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