Tesla Cybertruck 2024 production builds to be sold out soon

(Credit: Tesla)

In the recent TSLA earnings call, Tesla executives shared that Cybertruck 2024 builds will be sold out soon. The comment hints at Tesla’s progress with its Cybertruck production ramp.

At the recent earnings call, a few TSLA investor questions centered around the Tesla Cybertruck and its production. 

Retail investor Nermin S. asked about the Cybertruck order and the queue for the all-electric pickup. The investor also asked about Tesla’s timeframe for fulfilling existing orders. 

“First of all, I want to thank all the Cybertruck reservation holders for their patience. The reservation-to-order conversion rate so far has been very encouraging. If the trend continues [as it very likely will] we will soon [sell] out all the builds in 2024. And also, you know, we have new orders coming after the launch.

“The order numbers keep growing. So, we’re now all hands on deck, focused on ramping so we can, you know, fulfill all the demands and reduce the wait time,” said a Tesla executive. 

Elon Musk highlighted that the Cybertruck was production-constrained and not demand-constrained, hinting at the demand for Tesla’s post-apocalyptic pickup. 

“But really, the demand is off the hook. As long as the price is affordable, I mean, I see us ultimately delivering on the order of the quarter million—something like a quarter million Cybertrucks a year in North America, but maybe more, give or take, you know, roughly on that time frame,” said Musk. 

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Tesla Cybertruck 2024 production builds to be sold out soon
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