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Tesla Cybertruck spotted using crafty air suspension feature

Credit: Cybertruck Owners Forum | Tesla

Yet another Tesla Cybertruck prototype was spotted in a video where the all-electric pickup’s air suspension is jacked up, giving viewers an impression at potentially its tallest ride height.

Shared by Trucky on the Cybertruck Owners Club forum (don’t blame us for the video quality), the Cybertruck spotted in the video is said to be the one that was displayed by Tesla at the Cyber Rodeo last year. It appears to be making its way through Gigafactory Texas with air suspension jacked up.

It makes sense to see the Cybertruck in this condition for several reasons. First, Elon Musk said several years ago to Teslaratithat the Cybertruck would have air suspension and backed it up before that with statements that revealed an F-350 being mangled by an excessive payload.

With the Cybertruck being geared toward multiple applications, both residential and commercial, it makes sense that Tesla would outfit it with air suspension. Air suspension is better for load shifting, tire life, and noise and vibration that comes from rugged terrain, towing, and hauling. With the Cybertruck being marketed as the next big thing in terms of pickup ability, Tesla would be wise to include this, and Musk seems gung ho on the idea.

tesla cybertruck

Tesla Cybertruck from the Cyber Rodeo in 2022 (Photo Credit: Will Sellers/ Louisiana Tesla Owners)

The spotting of this Cybertruck, in particular, shows Tesla is already implementing the feature on some updated prototypes. As recent spottings have taught us, Tesla is throwing quite a few different prototypes around as production nears.

Cybertruck spottings have been frequent as of late, and in classic Tesla fashion, it likely confirms what Musk said would happen earlier this year: that the truck would enter production soon.

Tesla Cybertruck alpha prototype shows off its bed’s capacity by carrying multiple off-road tires

Musk maintains that Cybertruck’s limited production will begin in the Summer, with volume production not occurring until 2024. However, it is time Tesla moves forward with the project, especially as Gigafactory Texas has been ramping up nicely with Model Y production, and several IDRA Giga Press packages have arrived at the facility where it will be manufactured.

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Tesla Cybertruck spotted using crafty air suspension feature
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