Tesla stacks massive supply of Cybertruck castings hinting production is near

Credit: Joe Tegtmeyer | X

Tesla is stacking a massive supply of Cybertruck castings at Gigafactory Texas, hinting the production is near, which means deliveries aren’t far behind either.

Tesla Cybertruck production has been nearing for months as the company has shown early-stage validation, public road testing, crash assessments, and some of the best-built Cybertruck units, all within the past few months.

Production is obviously getting close, especially when we base this thought on the fact that public-road testing of RC-labeled, or release candidate, Cybertrucks have been spotted throughout the country over the past month and a half.

With one of the best prototypes to date surfacing recently, Tesla is refining its manufacturing techniques to prepare for Cybertruck production.

Another thing it is doing is stacking up a massive supply of both front and rear castings for the Cybertruck, meaning it is already in the process of building portions of the vehicle.

Recent images taken by Giga Texas drone operator Joe Tegtmeyer seem to indicate that production is basically underway, especially if you consider these castings to be part of the initial manufacturing of the Cybertruck.

If this is any indication of how close Tesla is to producing the Cybertruck, it seems approval for deliveries from the EPA could come within the coming weeks. What’s even more interesting is the fact that there are a vast number of castings here, so Tesla should be able to ramp up the Cybertruck program somewhat rapidly.

Tesla will be making an attempt to ramp up Cybertruck production as soon as possible to make a dent in the two million reservations it has for the pickup, according to the latest numbers from the order tracker.

Additionally, Cybertruck deliveries will help the automaker attain its 1.8 million unit delivery goal for 2023, especially after a Q3 miss.

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Tesla stacks massive supply of Cybertruck castings hinting production is near
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