Tesla Cybertruck’s form and inspiration explained in rare Franz von Holzhausen Q&A

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Tesla Chief of Design Franz von Holzhausen recently conducted an online Q&A session in China with some members of the media present. Franz shared several insights about the Cybertruck’s form, as well as the inspirations behind the all-electric pickup truck’s unique origami-like appearance. 

When asked by members of the media about the Cybertruck, Franz noted that Tesla encountered several notable challenges when it was designing the vehicle. The Tesla Chief Designer also explained that while there are many great pickup trucks in the United States, there are still a lot of opportunities in the segment. Some of these opportunities are targeted by the Cybertruck. 

According to Franz, Tesla believes that pickup trucks must be strong and durable. And since modern pickup trucks are prone to damages such as dents, scratches, and wear, the electric car maker opted to use stainless steel, which is far more durable. Stainless steel presents its own challenges, though, since it is difficult to form. This is the reason why the Cybertruck adopted an XY theme, with the pickup’s exoskeleton being folded instead of stamped. 

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Speaking about Tesla’s inspirations for the Cybertruck, Franz noted that the electric car maker looked to vehicles like fighter jets as a basis for the all-electric pickup truck. This statement definitely appears to ring true, as the steel pickup, especially when it is carrying Tesla’s all-electric ATV on its bed, resembles the profile of the Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk, a stealth fighter plane that was in service from October 1983 to April 2008. 

Franz also expressed his optimism about Tesla’s growing presence and support from China, while highlighting that more exciting products are coming in the future. 

“We hope to leave a better living environment for our future generations. Thank you for supporting Tesla. We don’t want everyone to give up in order to choose electric cars. Every day we want to hear everyone’s feedback to help us make our products better, and we will launch more exciting products in the future. We are also very leading in autonomous driving, and we are getting better every day. I hope everyone will change the world with us,” he said.

Tesla Cybertruck’s form and inspiration explained in rare Franz von Holzhausen Q&A
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