Tesla Cybertruck could be headed to Germany in the coming months

Credit: diagnosticdennis/Instagram and @smile__no via Tesla Owners of Santa Clarita Valley/X

The Tesla Cybertruck could be set to head to Germany to be put on display this spring, following the automaker’s ongoing tour with the electric pickup around China.

Tesla began its Cybertruck tour around China last week, and X user Andre Fink said on Sunday that the unique electric vehicle (EV) is slated to come to the Stuttgart Holzgerlingen delivery center, the automaker’s largest in Europe. Fink says that the Cybertruck will be put on display at the Holzgerlingen site in the spring, with no specific date set for arrival.

While the validity of the claims is currently unclear, it wouldn’t be much of a surprise to see Cybertruck displays hit Germany, and perhaps more of Europe, given that Tesla is currently showing off the vehicle in several cities in China. Still, CEO Elon Musk stated last month that it would be “very difficult” to make the Cybertruck road legal in China, and while he didn’t give specific reasoning, similar claims have been made about whether the truck could ever become available to buy in Europe.

Tesla originally opened Cybertruck orders across Europe and in China, though it stopped taking orders for the vehicle in these areas in May 2022. Regulations in both regions vary, though the overall size and bulkiness of the Cybertruck is generally considered to violate pedestrian safety standards in each of the areas. In addition, Tesla VP of Vehicle Engineering Lars Moravy a few months ago highlighted the protrusion of the truck’s stainless steel being a hindrance to selling the vehicle in Europe, since it sticks out further than European Union (EU) regulations allow.

“One, the truck market in the US is huge and two, European regulations call for a 3.2mm external radius on external projections,” Moravy explained to Top Gear. “Unfortunately, it’s impossible to make a 3.2mm radius on a 1.4mm sheet of stainless steel.”

Still, the Cybertruck going on display in Germany—and hopefully across much of Europe—would likely be a welcome sight to many, even if it couldn’t be made legal to drive. Even since it began going on display in U.S. showrooms, the Cybertruck has garnered large crowds, and Tesla could still use these kinds of display tours to market the vehicle itself, and its high-tech features not found in other vehicles, such as its 48-volt architecture, its “Etherloop” wiring system, and more.

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