Tesla sheds light on Cybertruck ‘range extender’

Credit: Tesla

Tesla has shed some light on the Cybertruck “range extender” that was spotted on the company’s website specifications that will enable the top two trims of the all-electric pickup to gain roughly 30 percent more range.

Tesla unveiled the Cybertruck on Thursday, stating that the Tri-Motor “Cyberbeast” will be capable of 320 miles of range, while the Dual Motor configuration will have a 340-mile range.

However, the automaker revealed on its website that it also would make a “+Range Extender” available to those two trims, increasing the drivable distance to 440+ and 470+ miles, respectively:

Tesla’s presentation was pretty slim on details, all things considered. While it flexed a lot of the capabilities and things that set it apart from other trucks, CEO Elon Musk did not discuss range, pricing, or available trims during the event. Instead, the information was all published as the event concluded.

It left many of us with questions surrounding the battery range extender, what it would look like, what it would cost, and other details.

Luckily, Musk, along with Senior Vice President Drew Baglino, shed some details on the Cybertruck’s Range Extender, which will be a tool-box-sized battery that goes in the bed of the truck and will enable more driving range for those who need it:

Additionally, Musk also confirmed that it would take up roughly 1/3rd of the bed, and was mostly developed for long trips and towing heavy things up mountains:

“Optional pack that fits in about 1/3 of the truck bed. Still room for plenty of of cargo. It’s meant for very long trips or towing heavy things up mountains.”

Tesla Cybertruck: price, range, trims, and specs revealed

Tesla has not yet released any pricing details for the +Range Extender, but some have looked into the coding of Tesla’s website and have a $16,000 price tag closely associated with the accessory.

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Tesla sheds light on Cybertruck ‘range extender’
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