Tesla Cybertruck exec debunks claims that Foundation Series is coming to an end

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Tesla Cybertruck Vehicle Program Manager Siddhant Awasthi personally debunked recent rumors that the Foundation Series of the all-electric pickup truck was coming to an end. As per the Tesla executive, the company is still actively producing Foundation Series Cybertruck units. 

Rumors about the supposed end of the Cybertruck Foundation Series were shared by EV enthusiast Kevin Melnuk on social media platform X. Citing supposed Tesla employees, Melnuk claimed that customers are not picking up Cybertruck Foundation Series units due to the vehicle’s high price. In a separate post, the EV enthusiast also claimed that the Cybertruck is only seeing a 2% conversion rate, so even the vehicle’s potential 2 million backlog will translate to just about 45,000 sales. 

Melnuk’s claims saw a lot of pushback from fellow members of the electric vehicle community, many of whom noted that they are still waiting for their Cybertruck Foundation Series invites. Others pointed out that it is very difficult to be certain about the Cybertruck’s conversion rate because such data is privy to the electric vehicle maker. 

Seemingly as a way to clear the air, the Cybertruck Vehicle Program Manager responded to the EV enthusiast’s post, stating that the claims were not accurate. “Not correct. We are actively building Foundation Series,” Awasthi wrote in his response

The Tesla Cybertruck was launched with a price that was significantly higher than what was initially expected, but this does not mean that the vehicle would not sell. Even Tesla’s two flagship vehicles, the Model S Plaid and the Model X Plaid, commanded a very high price when they initially launched. And while there is no doubt that Cybertruck prices will decline in the coming years, the demand for the all-electric pickup truck, at least for today, is likely still quite healthy. 

To state that the Tesla Cybertruck is a polarizing vehicle is an understatement. Despite the fact that it came to market with numerous innovations such as a 48V system and steer-by-wire, the all-electric pickup truck still attracts a lot of strong negative emotions from Tesla critics. The Cybertruck, after all, is designed to get a reaction from people. And in that sense, it has so far been very successful. 

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Tesla Cybertruck exec debunks claims that Foundation Series is coming to an end
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