Suspected Tesla Cybertruck thief gets caught after short chase

Credit: Cybertruck/X

Stealing a vehicle is already a foolish endeavor to begin with, but stealing and trying to run away in arguably the world’s most head-turning vehicle is twice as mindless. This was the case recently in Lincoln, Delaware, when a 41-year-old man decided to steal a Tesla Cybertruck. 

As per an announcement by the Delaware State Police, troopers responded to a residence on Brick Granary Road in Lincoln for a report of a stolen vehicle. Authorities then learned that the vehicle in question was a 2024 Tesla Cybertruck with temporary New Jersey registration. 

Fortunately, the Cybetruck was already being tracked by the owner, so authorities were able to locate the vehicle without any difficulties. 

The stolen Tesla Cybertruck was spotted on a dirt path off of Pinecone Drive, but before troopers could approach the all-electric pickup truck, the suspect, who was later identified as 41-year-old Corey Cohee of Milford, Delaware, drove away towards Pinecone Drive. 

What followed was a brief chase in which Cohee disregarded police signals and did not stop. The suspected Cybertruck thief eventually gave up, however, likely because he realized that he could never really disappear into the crowd in the all-electric pickup truck. 

Authorities arrested Cohee without incident, and he was taken to Troop 7, where he was charged with Theft of a Motor Vehicle (Felony), Disregarding a Police Officer Signal (Felony), Criminal Trespass, and Failure to Have a License in Possession. He was arraigned by Justice of the Peace Court 3, and committed to Sussex Correctional Institution on a $4,002 bond. 

The suspected Cybertruck thief definitely made a series of bad decisions when he seemingly decided to steal the all-electric pickup truck. Teslas, after all, are easily tracked through their owner’s mobile app, and the Cybertruck is so unique today that it simply stands out. 

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Suspected Tesla Cybertruck thief gets caught after short chase
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