Tesla Cybertruck spotted at new high-speed V4 Supercharger

Credit: Mardak | TMC Forum

The Tesla Cybertruck was spotted at one of the automaker’s new, high-speed V4 Superchargers, which have been popping up across the country as the Cybertruck heads toward first deliveries.

As the Cybertruck has been making its rounds for the better part of 2023, Tesla is preparing for first deliveries at the November 30 Cybertruck Delivery Event at Gigafactory Texas.

The appearance of the Cybertruck at the V4 Supercharger, which is located in Sparks, Nevada, was spotted by Mardak, a member of the Tesla Motors Club forum.

Credit: Mardak | TMC Forum

The Cybertruck is capable of handling the V4 Supercharger’s high-speed charging due to its 800-volt architecture, which the company confirmed last week that it would equip.

The V4 Supercharger also drastically differs from the previous V3 design, but also the features of the new charging stall bring a modernity to the experience.

Tesla is using screens on the new V4 Supercharger, which will likely display payment options. This was required to qualify for federal funding, as the Biden Adminsitration set aside billions for the expansion of the EV charging infrastructure.

The screen was not active at this point, Mardak said, only displaying a white Tesla logo.

Another feature is the longer charging cable, which went from between 6 and 6.5 feet with the V3 Supercharger to between 9.5 and 9.8 feet with the V4. Tesla needed to include this feature with the new Supercharger as it is the first to be opened to non-Tesla EVs.

Tesla V4 Supercharger details: Charging Speed and Cable Length

The V4 Supercharger was first launched in the European market earlier this year, where Tesla offered Supercharging to non-Tesla EVs for the first time several years ago. With other automakers having varying locations for their charging ports, the 6-foot cord offered with the V3 would not be long enough to ensure the cars would take up only one spot or even be able to charge.

With the Cybertruck deliveries occurring in roughly a month, more V4 Superchargers will likely begin popping up around the U.S. As automakers will also gain access to the Supercharging Network beginning in the Spring, Tesla is preparing for that with the installation of V4 stalls.

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Tesla Cybertruck spotted at new high-speed V4 Supercharger
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