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Tesla launches non-Tesla Supercharging Pilot Program in Italy

Credit: Tesla

Tesla has officially launched its Pilot Program for non-Tesla electric vehicles to use its Supercharger Network in Italy.

Since launching the Pilot Program for non-Tesla EVs in November 2021, Tesla has expanded the initiative to fifteen European countries. The Pilot Program allows owners of non-Tesla EVs to plug in at any of the company’s Supercharging sites, which offer charging rates between 150 and 250 kW.  It is a test program that is being used to assess the use of Superchargers by non-Tesla drivers.

Tesla expanded the program to include Italy on Wednesday.

The Pilot Program is now in fifteen countries in total:

There are various locations Tesla is opening its Superchargers to non-Tesla drivers in Italy. While the specific locations are not explicitly listed by Tesla, the company does have its Supercharger Map available on its website, which will include a message below for qualifying locations:

“This Supercharger is open to Tesla vehicles and Non-Tesla vehicles with CCS compatibility.”

Tesla has considered expanding this program to other continents for some time. While the United States EV charging infrastructure is vast, yet somehow insufficient for current EV volumes, Tesla could be developing Supercharger equipment for other EVs. With the opening of its EV charging design this week after calls for the U.S. to adopt the company’s configuration, Tesla is certainly thinking about expanding the program to the U.S. However, future Supercharger availability is becoming a concern for some owners.

Nevertheless, Tesla’s robust Supercharging network is a widespread advantage for Tesla owners. Now it could be an advantage for anyone owning an EV in Italy with the program’s expansion.

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Tesla launches non-Tesla Supercharging Pilot Program in Italy
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