Tesla’s Driving Visualization will soon depict the company’s vehicles

Credit: YouTube | Daniel Spalding

Tesla’s Driving Visualization feature will soon render each of the company’s electric vehicles accurately, instead of using the generic sedan, SUV, or pickup that appears on the Dashscreen currently. Company CEO Elon Musk confirmed that Driving Visualization would receive these improvements, which could open the door for a new in-car video game.

Musk responded to a question from a Twitter follower that asked if Driving Visualization would improve to have custom vehicle models on the dash screen display. @WholeMarsBlog‘s focus was primarily on the Visualization of the Tesla Cybertruck. “Rendering as a normal truck seems inappropriate,” the question said.

However, Musk confirmed that not only the Cybertruck would be rendered accurately, but all Tesla vehicles would render “specifically as their model & color instead of as a generic sedan/SUV.”

Driving Visualization gives Tesla owners a full-range animated image of the surroundings of the car. This includes other vehicles and some objects on the road.

However, the feature does not tell the driver precisely what vehicle is surrounding their car. It generalizes its surroundings by showing only the type of vehicle. For example, if a Ford Escape were near the Tesla, an SUV would appear, but its shape would not match the exact look of a Ford Escape.

Interestingly enough, the Driving Visualization feature does not depict other Tesla cars. But it seems an update will arrive soon for owners that will fix this.

Additionally, Musk hinted that a new “punch buggy sort of game” could be derived from the next improvements to Driving Visualization.

Tesla has worked to continuously improve the gamification within its vehicles, which has been a focus of Musk. The Tesla CEO himself is an avid video game fan, and he has made it a point to add video games and other sources of entertainment into its vehicles to keep drivers occupied when using a Supercharger or during downtime.

During the company’s recent Q2 2020 Earnings Call, Musk indicated that Tesla is working to add more features related to productivity and entertainment to prepare for the company’s Full Self-Driving suite is complete and autonomous driving is possible.

“Now, when things do become full self-driving, so what are people going to do in the car,” Musk asked. “Well, I guess they’re probably going to do productivity and entertainment of some kind, watch movies, play games, and do work. That’s in the future. We’re already putting some games and stuff on the car just for fun.”

Currently, the company does offer a buggy-styled racing game with Beach Buggy Racing 2. The game can be played with the use of the steering wheel, or by plugging in a compatible gaming controller.

Improvements to Tesla’s Driving Visualization will not only increase the accuracy of the company’s Autopilot and FSD suites, but it will also give owners an additional sense of pride when driving near another one of the company’s electric cars. Also, the addition of a new video game within the vehicle will increase entertainment for drivers while there is downtime.

Tesla’s Driving Visualization will soon depict the company’s vehicles
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