Tesla’s Elon Musk to meet with Argentina President Javier Milei at Giga Texas: report

Ministério Das Comunicações, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Javier Milei, the president of Argentina, is poised to attend a meeting with Tesla CEO Elon Musk. The meeting , which was reportedly scheduled by the CEO, will be held at Tesla Gigafactory Texas next Thursday.

Argentina’s president is expected to travel to Miami on Tuesday, where he will be honored by the Chabad Lubavitch community with the “International Ambassador of Light” award for his advocacy for Israel and pro-freedom efforts. The Argentine president will be given the award during the inauguration of the Menachem Mendel Schneerson Center, as noted in a Voz Media report.

Ignacio Orteli, a journalist from Argentine television channel La Nacion, mentioned the upcoming meeting during a recent segment. As per the television channel, Milei’s sister and current General Secretary of the Presidency of the Argentine Nation, Karina Milei, will not be joining him in his Giga Texas meeting. Gerardo Werthein, the future Argentine ambassador to the United States, will take her place. 

Following his meeting with Musk, Milei is expected to proceed to Denmark to acquire an F-16 fighter jet via NATO. The Argentine president noted during his 2023 campaign that Argentina’s armed forces were in dire need of improvement. Acquiring weapons should help Argentina rebuild its military.

The rapport between Javier Milei and Elon Musk became evident shortly after the Argentine president’s electoral win in 2023. In a response to a post on X about rise to the country’s presidency, Musk noted that “prosperity is ahead for Argentina.” Milei later revealed that he and Musk had a great conversation

“Today I had a great conversation with Elon Musk, where I thanked him for defending the ideas of freedom and supporting our work, especially considering everything he represents as an icon of freedom in the world. Elon wished me good luck and success in the task, remembering that Argentina knew how to be one of the most prosperous and influential countries in the world and that he was aware of all the challenges that both Argentina and I have ahead of us. 

“Although he will not be able to attend the transfer ceremony, we remain in contact so that he can visit Argentina next year and we can continue strengthening ties and working together. VLLC!!!” Milei wrote in a post on X. 

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Tesla’s Elon Musk to meet with Argentina President Javier Milei at Giga Texas: report
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